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The fireplace insert has a double-shell, welded structure. The side walls, back wall, top wall, body base, vertical grate and furnace door frame are made of steel, and the segmented grate is made of grey cast iron. The bottom part of the insert body is fitted with 35mm thick fireclay bricks around the grate. Back wall and side walls are fitted up to 200mm high with 35mm thick fireclay bricks.

We offer standar fire place insert designed to burn wood logs and fireplace insert with BIOTEC pellets burner. In the fireplace with pellets burner it is possible to burn wood logs as well as pellets with automatic burner. This gives greate advantage when nobody is available to put in wood logs.

EXOFIRE-17S fireplace insert  is certified according to the European Standard EN13229, which specifies requirements relating to the design, manufacture, construction, safety and performance (efficency and emission), instructions and marking.
Standard fireplace
Fireplace with pellets burner