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All our burners AGROTEC, BIOTEC i FARMHEAT can in principle be adapted to any boiler for solid fuels.

If the boiler has three hatches, the burner should be placed in the middle hatch. If the boiler has two hatches the burner should be adapted in the hole made in the boiler's side. In order to get enough space for ashes in the ashpit, the burner should be placed high above the grate. The grate can be removed if the burner is adapted.

We offer three types of boilers designed for our burners. Dual function boilers BIOAL and BRICO. In those boilers it is possible to fire with wood logs brickettes or other solid fuels after removing the burner from the boier. 

BIOMAX boiler, designed for BIOTEC burner, has large ashpan and high efficiency.