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Stoker type burner FARMHEAT is designed to burn all kind of biomass such as sawdust, slivers, pellets, brickets, different kind of grain and seed.
The container, in different sizes, is an integral part of the burner package placed on 2 runners.  
The fuel is forwarded to the burner furnished with high class fire clay. Due to two snap fastenings holding the burner to the boiler and placing of the whole package on runners it is easy and convenient to pull away the burner from the boiler for starting the fire or maintenance.

         Stoker burner FARMHEAT 32KW                  Stoker burner FARMHEAT 120KW & boiler

The burner package FARMHEAT contains:
1. Burner(32, 65, 95, 120, 200 kW)
2. Management
3. Fuel container (30, 200, 240, 600 l)
4. Snap fastenings
5. Runners