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  • Can be used for upgrading existing coal or wood boiler heating systems
  • Ash from pellet burner can be recycled as fertiliser
  • Simple package i.e. burner, adaptor plate and screw

The process of burning goes through two stages, gasification and combustion of wood gas. That is why BIOTEC burners have primary and secondary air supplies. Through the secondary air supply nozzle more oxygen can be added in to the wood-gas burning above the burner pot. This gives better combustion efficency becase the combustion of flow gases is complete. It also results in cleaner flow gases.

 Underfeeding principle

Pellets (A) are fed to the fire(B). All material is burned completely before it leaves the burner pot (C).

In burners with horizontal feeding or when the pellets are falling down in to the burning pot, the ashes may be stopped from leaving the burner easily. Too much ash in the burner pot can cause combustion problems. Usually this type of burner needs more maintenance and cleaning, at least once a week.  Also batching of fuel can vary significantly.