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Ther are a lot of different kinds of biomass, of different shape, humidity, energy content and burning process. That is why a burner for all kinds of biomass must be a compromise.
In our offer we have 3 different burners.
BIOTEC and AGROTEC are small, compact burners designed to be adapted to any solid fuel boiler. FARMHEAT burner is a larger universal burner with integral fuel container.

BIOTEC burner is designed especially for burning pellets. Biotec uses underfeeding principle which gives uniform and very exact feeding of fuel for combustion. Controlled feeding also makes this burner very economic. For even better efficiency the secondary air supply helps unburned wood gases in the flue gases to be burned above the burner pot. The openings for primary air supply are made so the time for burning process is extended. The serrated ring on the burner pot helps to evacuate the ashes from the burner and stir the firebed so burning process is uniformed over the burner pot surface. This burner is fitted with automatic ignition starting automatically in case the fire should extinguish.

AGROTEC burner is designed to burn oats. Because burning oats gives much more loose ashes, the underfeeding principle could not be used efficiently. 
Tubular construction of this burner makes the evacuation of loose ashes possible. 
Starting this burner is manual but after the firebed is done the burner works automatically.

FARMHEAT burner is a universal appliance including integrated fuel containerto used to burn all kinds of biomass. The combustion chamber is made of very high quality ceramics for burning the biomass in very high temperatures.  This kind of appliance is suitable for larger farms where there is no lack of space and various kinds of biomass are available.