Welcome to our SBH Systems web service. Our name is the abbreviation for Scandinavian Bio Heating Systems. According to our brand name we are offering heating systems based on renewable energy sources not polluting our environment.

Our mission
"Implementation of heating systems tested and approved  in Scandinavia as well as the knowledge how to produce cheap heating energy based on renewable energy sources giving long-term benefit for our customers.

We have prepared an offer containing burners, boilers, fireplaces as well as feeding systems for biomass. 

Our target group are private households as well as bigger investors such as hotels, production facilities, schools and other municipal centers. 
Our goal
"Our goal is the implementation of efficient green energy outside Scandinavia, which is an attractive alternative to traditional heating systems."

We believe that biomass is not the fuel of the future but the fuel of today. Heating with wood-slivers, pellets, grain or other bio fuels has been practiced in Scandinavia for many years. Nowadays this technology is available to a wider group of users. 
Please note that heating with biomass is usually less expensive that traditional fuels and less sensitive to global price changes. 

Very welcome to all of you interesting in reducing heating costs  and caring about our environment to check our offer.